Sunday, January 10, 2010

“What on earth do you need 17 pairs of Skis for?!”

Beat the sun to the front door this morning, and made one last trip to Causwell for some massive Surface stickers and way too many lil’ ones to pass out along the Surface Canada Tour.
View out the front window of the car en route to Causewell (p:Shayne Metos)

The always stoked and always legendary Mike Schneider (p:Shayne Metos)

Have made this drive too many times now it seems, but it always keeps me on my toes. After some eight odd hours of the divine, diverse and delightful state that is Idaho we finally found snow. Oregon got even better with a massive snowstorm and about twenty plus cars in the ditch along the highway.

Favourite direction for sure

This is pretty much how Idaho looks from start to finish on the I-84

The mode o' transport and the all too necessary energy drinks

Finally hit the border around 4am and tried to explain to the border guards why two college students on vacation needed seventeen pairs of skis, a snowmobile, and way too much energy for that hour of the day. Thankfully they let us into the country after an hour or so of questioning, a full car search, and some general harsh words.

Crazy waters and weather outside Portland (p: Shayne Metos)

‘O Canada!’ Off to a bowl of poutine and a long days sleep. Night.

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