Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big and White

Off through Kelowna in the dark once again, destination, Big White. Bluebird morning was complimented all too well by the harmonica rendition of Piano Man by Andrew Strain with Shayne Metos playing a backup snoring machine.

Sing us a song, you're the piano man

Big White is defiantly something else, just as you think you’re on the mountain, the hill becomes a city in itself. We found a nice spot between all the shops, stops, and props to finally nestle down in for the day.

Nestled in tight but still looking fresh

Dark figures about to drop in off the ridge behind cliff chair

More stoke, more demos, and more shred were to be had by all. Took a couple laps with Mr. Strain and after a lap through the banger park we found ourselves on possibly the windiest ridge of our entire lives. Boards had to be tied down, shred sticks were flying through the air, and I’m pretty sure I saw at least one small child soaring through the sky.

Windy much?

Yup, definitely still blowing

Once we dropped off though we managed to find some real fun snow and cliffy-poppy zones to mess around in for the afternoon. Amped on the freshies two days after a storm, always a sign of a chill resort.

Sunny pow slashes, always the best

Once again we packed up late as our new homies rode their skis to the bitter end of the day, and then we were back to Kelowna.

Moustaches for all!

Shop of the day definitely goes to Venture Sports in Kelowna. Any shop can sell touring gear and skis but Venture has Alyn, the head honcho heading out for 6am tours before coming into work for the day. Also got some good knowledge on backcountry access in the area for future reference, those guys know their ISHT.

Last night in Kelowna and stocking full of candy and junk food are on the menu. I’m too excited for words right now.

Very excited, yes. Very tired, also yes

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