Thursday, January 14, 2010

Apex is Spelled E-P-I-C

Up early once again and the boys are already feeling exhausted with the schedule. Driving through the sunrise in the Okanogan always has a great vibe about it. Maybe it’s the massive lake, sprawling hills, or maybe just the fact that the towns have epic names like Peachland (delicious) and Summerland (kind of boring in winter).

Looking to be a very familiar scene

After a quick stop at Cambodian tire for some BBQ supplies, delicious brats, and some random thievery we were off to the winding road of Apex Mountain. The always knowledgeable Andrew Strain told us all about the Natives creating road blocks around the reserves as a silent protests, and we immediately became convinced that we going to be trapped in the mountains for weeks.

Looking too good, these needed to be shredded and shredded they were

Gettin' pumped for a day at Apex. SPORTS!

Luckily this never happened and we soon found ourselves in the bluebird pow that was Apex mountain.

Pulling right up to the hill, very literally

Quick laps to the ridge with sun and beauty on all sides

The riding was great, yes, the snow was awesome, true, but the people here are something else. Everyone was so excited that we were there and just stoked to get out and ride on something new and fun. By the end of the day I’m pretty sure everyone on the hill had ridden every ski at least once and all of our arms were just about as sore as our legs.

Everyone stoked to shred and our forearms getting sore

Looking back down the majestic mountain

Poppin' pillows

Made a quick stop by Pentagon Board Shop in Penticton, and aside from finding some coffee to keep us alive for the drive home we also ran into some awesome Ontario folk running the spot. Not to mention a sneaker wall that can’t be beat.

By the time we hit the road we had given out more bandanas, stickers, and stoke than we thought was possible and thankfully a hot dinner was waiting to meet our exhaustion back in Kelowna. In fact I’m off to eat that right now. See you in Big White.

Strain is hilariously tired

Big thanks to Jonathan and everyone at Apex, Neil from Alberta for just being awesome, the Orage boys for some new threads, and the entire Pottinger family for putting us up and putting up with our shred stank.

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