Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Silverstars on the Horizon

Gotta start this one with a big shout out to Surface homie Neil from Alberta. We met Neil while shredding around Apex. He then trekked right along to Big White on our coattails and hooked it up with power tools and saw horses, key to any demo. Now we’re at Silverstar and Neil might as well be part of the crew. In the parking lot with us as soon as we get there and ready to shred around for the day.

Neil, loving life and rocking out with Surface

No demo today so the shred was on and shred we did, in fact so much shred that just about zero photos or frames of footy were taken. Low light, snow coming from the skies, and cold cold weather. Soul shred is damn good, love it, live it, do it.

So much stoke on the New Life, get on it

All you really need to know about Silverstar is that the park is immaculate, the trees are pow filled, and the houses resemble gingerbread houses.

Mild sampling of the crazy colours of Silverstar

This was also the first stop we actually decided to assemble our BBQ grill. Some parts went unused and other were broken in the assembly process, but everything seems to work and nothing has blown up yet so I’m calling it a success.

Assembly required, this may be trouble

Leftover pieces, NBD

Final product, very worth it

Unfortunately Neil will be leaving us today due to a wallet and cell phone lots to Ullr. I have no doubt he’ll be back and ripping in no time, send it buddy.

Finished off the night with a visit to Attridge Ski and Board in Vernon (fun shop with shred sticks of both the single and double variety), a hot tub at Andrew Strains parents place (Shayne got his backpack stolen out of the truck, bummer), and finally a warm nights sleep in non other that one of my favorite places to ever be touched by snow, Revelstoke.

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