Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fast Times at Grouse Mountain High

So many skis to mount, so little time. Big thanks to everyone at North Shore Ski and Board for not only letting us demo out of the shop but also help out in mounting the entire fleet for the tour. Epic shop over there with some really great people, go check it out if you’re ever in Van.

Last of the mounts, so many screws to tighten

After a couple of skis had been demoed out and a couple homies had shown up, including Sir Andrew Napier (official title pending) of 4bi9, and Big Chuck D Grinell of Stigsby Enterprises, we made our way up the hill. Fun park day with some real clean setups all over the hill.

Decisions, decisions by Max B

Hold up…

Shayne’s Side of the Story:

I awoke in a hazy stupor to Eliel craning over me, aglow, basking in all the uncontrollable stoke his ADD can bring at 7 AM. Rain down on me all the fury the Ass Crack of Dawn can bring! 45 minutes later, enraged and intoxicated from last night’s party I left a slimy trail from my comfortable nook on the couch to Eliel’s Lumbering Dodge Ram. Immediately upon entering the vehicle I passed out awakening once again to Eliel demanding I help him apply a giant //SURFACE sticker to the side of the car while we got a bed cover for the ram. Eventually he gave up, (bad choice) and we moved onto Northshore Ski and Board (Holler!) to mount the skis.

Animal 4bi- Tees

So dirty, so good

Blacking out once again I awoke around two hours later to see Up Chuck Grinnell aka Casey Stigsby the 3rd rummaging for snacks in and around the car, I think he found a pulled pork sandwich under Eliel’s seat which would make my day too (May or May Not be True).

Laying down the vinyl for the Surface-mobile

El was in hustle mode so I grabbed some sushi and we were off to SHRED grouse.

Breakfast of champs on the tailgate

Tram ride getting us above the clouds

The team was all time. Strain on the photo, Nasty (Andrew) Napier slaying all the rails no one else could, Max on the new lifes, and myself…uhh…there. (Sort of).

More animal tees. This time... KITTENS!

The weather was prime as was the snow. We slayed. See Pics for the explanation.

S-Slayage over the city (Napes)

Killer backdrop at Grouse, always mind blowing (Eliel)

Lean Back

New Lifes in the park and killin' it! (Max B)

Grouse is sick. End fragment/Shayne Blog Hi-Jack

…umm yeah. So now we’re on the road headed towards Apex and the deep snow that just got laid on them in the last system. Until then!


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