Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'll Kick You in the Horse

Two days of Revi are said and done, and it’s up early once again to head off to Golden, BC this time. A blanket of fresh snow with more on the snow is something that almost always gets me stoked as can be. It just puts a minor damper on things when you have to drive over one of the gnarlier mountain passes in that storm.

Sick for shred, not for driving


Several white-knuckle hours later we roll into the parking lot of Kicking Horse to find an epic scene of pow as far as the eye can see.

Peanut, tour mascot, stoked to ride

Unfortunately we run into a slight snag when a paperwork technicality means we can’t demo at Kicking Horse. O yeah and tickets? Those are out the windows too. So what do five shred bums with ADD do? Buy tickets…nope. Wait for a phone call so we can demo…no sir. Drive as high as we can on the hill, start a barbeque, and build jumps off houses…YAHTZEE!

Joel Whalen, poppin' ones

Kind of like a hood ornament for a house

So jib we did and after too many hotdogs for our own good we headed back into town. I could talk about it but just peep the video from Revi and Golden, for a better idea. Courtesy of Jah Raven Creation.

Quick Cut - Surface Demo does Revy and Golden. from Jah Raven Creation on Vimeo.

Back in Golden we stopped by 180 Board Sports for a quick waxing session on all the skis. The boys there hooked us up with access to their shop, which just so happens to be inside of an old bank vault, epic I know.

The crew chillin' in the vault at 180

Wax on, wax off, chug coffee

After some 20 odd pairs of waxed skis, and more coffee and shred stories than we could believe, we were out the door and off to Calgary.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Revel in the Stoke

Limping into Revelstoke at some time before midnight we found ourselves at our new temporary residence for the next few days. About a quarter of the way through the tour and still no hotels, count it! The residence belonged to Photo Strain’s aunt and uncle and let me just say I never though people so into taxidermy would be the nicest people on earth.

What better place to lift weight, than next to the dead bears? RAR!

The seven odd bear pelts on the wall were complimented with a nice warm fire and dinner, the wolf carcass splayed on the wall contrasted by the eerily similar dog walking around the house, and the countless antlers on the walls only went right along with the Revelstoke feel in the end.

The wolf beast mounted on the wall

The Shayne beast mounted on the floor

Woke up at the crack of whatever to find a nice little sprinkling of powy goodness on the world around us and quickly made our way to the hill. After meeting up with Surface shred dogs, Joel Whalen and Rob Heule, we made our way into the only building in the immediate area and made our way up the hill to enjoy our first demo free day of the tour.

Team Surface gondi ride

Joel Whalen 180'ing over the powder waterfall

Revelstoke as a place and as a mountain is simply dope as hell. Japan pillows under the chair go hand in hand with the cliffs, drops, and tree jibs as far as the eye can see. Nothing is really permanently closed and the pow is always in full effect so long as you know where to go. Even the cat tracks back to the lifts have some of the funnest wall hits and mini jumps along side of them to keep us ADD kids entertained.

Fresh drops for everybody!

After the fact, 50 feet down and one pillow tap in the middle

The following day the name of the game was demo, and demo we did. Tent was up at the top of the Gondola and the masses couldn’t have been happier. Having cliffs right next to the demo tent made for some good times as we were able to session em’ up in between tightening screws.

Back to work

50 feet from the demo tent, taking a lil' break

The highlight was definitely the kids out on the hill. Lil’ ripper not just ridings, but tearing the mountain a new one with skis twice their size. Revelstoke breeds epic so watch out. Next stop Golden!

Big thanks go to Strains Aunt and Uncle, everyone at RMR, as well as Jim Bay and his entire family for showing us around the hill, and having us for a great dinner. Can’t wait to come back.