Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Riding the Ditch to Fernie

Left Calgary after dark and started trying to get to Fernie as fast as possible for some freshies the next day. All was going well and we were enjoying the moon lit drive, until the road made a right and the truck...well the truck kept growing straight.
We killed a road sign

Two-hundred feet of plate ice, one road sign, and a roadside ditch later and we found ourselves kind of immobile.
Avy shovels, getting it done

The truck was fine and so were all it's inhabitants, so we started laughing, that was until we noticed about four or so crosses and various memorials in our impromptu ditch of death. Strain booked it up the road to try and wave off the flurry of 18-Wheelers barreling down the road and skidding right towards us in the ditch. All the while the rest of the crew was digging the truck out with images of massive semi's tipping over onto us, scary.
Not the friendliest site, in the ditch o' death

Finally the tow truck showed up, then the cops, and after convincing them that we weren't drunk and I wasn't an illegal alien we were on our way.
Getting the tow up and out
Free at last as the cops finally bail

Finally at Rob's place in Fernie at about 4am, going to try and scrape a few short hours of sleep before the resort opens. Peace
Remember, If you can't dodge it, RAM IT!

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