Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Four hours at the C.O.P. Killer

Woke up, lost an hour to good ol' Mountain Standard time and found ourselves in the first and only stop outside of BC, welcome to Calgary. Lucky enough to be staying with the young buck Rob Heule in his intercity abode, and even luckier that Rob and his entire family can seriously cook. Breakfast of champions doesn't even begin to describe it.

Double checking to be sure their really is snow here
Sketchy crew ready for a day of shooting and knife fights

After a nice lil' breakfast I was shocked to learn that this flatland mecca has a ski hill, and what's even better? It's called COP! So we put our park faces on and drove through suburbia, as rob kept telling us that amidst all this cookie cutter beige houses was a shred hill. Sure enough he was right, and rising out of the sea of suburbs came a glorious strip of white goodness.
Crazy view from the top of the C.O.P.
Just hangin'

As far as parks go this place is fun as hell. Solid jumps and jibs, plus quick chairs make for hot laps all day. Got our jump on, jibbed whatever we could, and even had a fun ass hand-plant session, possibly my new favorite trick.
Handplants, so hot right now

So many follow-cams so little time

Rob even busted out his GoPro for a couple laps and we managed to catch some shreddage magic, enjoy.

Surface COP Slayer from rob heule on Vimeo.

Afterward we got to swing right into the city of Calgary and check out some sweet shops around town. Fresh Sports was first up to bat, and this place is sweet. Steve over there is a great guy and aside from having some sick product, they've also got some of the orginal Salomon 1080 prototypes posted up on the wall.

She even glows in the dark

Now it's back at Rob's place getting packed to head off to Fernie, icy roads ahead but I'm expecting good times.

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