Monday, March 15, 2010

Dendriite Studios

Been filming all this season with a truly inspiring and talented group of people. They call themselves Dendrite Studios and simply put, they kill it.

They've been releasing a series of webisodes throughout the season called Perspectives. Call them lil' gems of visual delectibility...with some epic shredding tossed into the mix of course. This is all leading up to their full feature release coming this fall.

Between these shorts, the footy being stacked daily, and the lines I've been fortunate enough to witness in person, I can say with serious confidence that this flick is going to melt some faces, blow some minds, and maybe even ruin some lives. We can only hope.

Anyways without any further adue, here is the most recent clip featuring myself and Chris Turpin. Head over to to the rest of the optically delicious goodness.

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