Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Coming up for Air /// Part II

And inhale. Before you know what hit you’ll realize you’ve been trying to breathe, eat, and drink, nothing but snow for too many days to recall. Your body aches, fat reserves have been depleted, eating patterns digressed into something resembling that of a 5 year old sugar fiend, who’s only drive to eat arrives when there’s no more light to play. And while the smile remains, like any, and I do mean any, junkie on that glorious white stuff will tell you, the need for rest is all too real.

Taking it all in, and taking a quick breath

P// Adam Clark

The mid-season marker has grown to be something that has everything to do with skiing, and at the same time nothing at all. Located in the heart of downtown Denver, under the glow of fluorescent lights, pitter patter of notebook carrying entrepreneurs, and false smiles a used car salesman would be proud of, you’ll find SIA, the snow sports tradeshow for North America.

Hanging with the Surface boys of the US and Japanese variety at SIA
P// Mike Schneider

I could write ad infinium about the ups and down, rights and wrongs, and hilarious times that SIA has to offer. But instead, I’ll just leave it to the professionals with a little insight from the boys over at BroBomb.

Coming back to the real world of skiing, I found myself more excited and refreshed than a 10 year old at a water park. But all too quickly dreams to ride on the backs of snow cats, wings of helicopters, and all to the soundtrack of a two stroke engine slowly disparate just as fast as they came. One trip falls apart due to weather, another due to poor planning, and eventually entire companies can fall apart around you. The only thing that is certain is uncertainty here. But there are a few things you can always rely on more often then others. One being that you’ve still got two legs and a world of possibilities to let them run wild in.

So what to do? Run north and jet around Canada for a month with your best friends, stoking out, and freaking out people and places of all shapes and sizes. The medium for all this nonsense you ask? The Surface Canada Tour Part Deux of course. For five weeks binding screws were turned, free gear was tossed, plenty of new friends were made, and moustaches grew in alarmingly sketchy styles.

Underage, and under-rated. These Revelstoke young bucks are killing it!
P// Scott Titterington

Surface Tour Revelstoke Edition

F&E// Shayne Metos and Scott Titterington

Intermingling that with trips back to BC where some of the biggest storms began to pound the coast, and you’ve got a season in full swing once again. The calendar serves only to take up space on the wall, as responsibility once again falls to the wayside under the boot soles of amazing new zones, even better friends to ride them with.

Coupled all that up with a run back to Utah to compete in the Utah Shootout, a seven day photo competition in my home hills. To make things even better, Andrew Strain, and Jake Cohn from our Deep Winter team had shown up to compete. Icing on the cake came as the draft format of choosing teams commenced and luckily nobody knew who the hell we were so Strain was able to snatch both of us up, and reform Team Steamtrain for a round two.

Getting creative with STEAMTRAIN during the Shootout in the Alta backcountry
P// Andrew Strain

Over the next seven days later we had more fun, more dawn patrols, face shots, wild nights, classy appetizers, shots of crown, and amazing times than I could have imagined. The Kicker? We got awarded with 2nd place, and one thing I have to say on this subject is that absolutely nothing can top going out in something like this and killing it with you best friends. Then you hear it's snowing back in BC, so what do you do? Hit the road running. Well driving, running that far would be mildly ridiculous.

Back to pillow dreamland, Whistler, BC
P// Adam Clark

Whistler pillows at their best

F&E// Self

Then just when it feels as though things can’t get any better, and your standing on top of 1000 feet of untracked pillow lines, your phone rings. (Ring) Your with everyone you want to be with so who could it be? (riiing) Why is this damn thing on anyways? (riiing) Nothing could be as important as this here right now. (riiiing). While usually you would never pick up in this situation, you do, and to say you are glad you did becomes the understatement of the century.

(Riii-) “Hello Please?

(Continued in Part 3)

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